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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  January 19, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EST

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good morning, maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning. before we get to the news of the day let's go to just with a check of the weather. 6:00, let's go back to yesterday where temperatures soared to 56 in the afternoon. good-looking stuff. we'll try to do it again today but we'll have more clouds so it won't be as appealing outside but still, it's still near 50 degrees. next storm arriving thursday with some ice on the docket. we could have sleet and freezing rain rolling in thursday afternoon and evening, ending with ice and snow friday. 30 degrees now in baltimore. relatively light winds, more clouds moving in and yes, i do see the light shining, the silver lining, that is, that will make it to 52 this afternoon. let's check the roads with kim. >> thank you. good morning. we do have heavy volume early on the outer loop plus an accident reported not far from here on the outer loop before the baltimore national pike. that is reported to be off to
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the left side. that is going to cause delays early on this morning. aside from that looking ok northbound, southbound 95 through the tunnels, no problems. same on the harrisburg expressway. a little building volume approaching top side. a couple of road hazards, westbound 32 approaching the baltimore national pike, still reports of an injured deer in the road. fog warnings in effect in harford county at the hatem bridge, two right lanes taken away at york road and bosley avenue for ongoing watermain break repair. at the city streets, no problems at fayette and st. paul here. back to you. this is right outside port-au-prince. missionaries were playing with children at the christian service international ministries. this is an orphanage when the quake struck. rick hirsch was rolling video when the building began to shake. you can see the fear of the faces on the video. luckily none of the children you see in the video was injured. >> still hard to watch even
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though knowing no one was injured. >> it's a struggle to find a cup of water in haiti. >> it's not been easy to get the relief supplies into the country. abc2 news linda so has all the new video and how the military is getting supplies into the areas, especially port-au-prince. >> reporter: the relief couldn't come soon enough as fighting escalates. this is new video of the u.s. air force dropping food, water and medicine to haiti. they delivered 55,000 pounds of food and water yesterday. the situation is getting more violent. survivors are turning on each other armed with guns and machetes fighting over anything they can get their hands on. police fired into the air as young men fought over rum and beer with broken bottles. looting is becoming widespread. toothpaste is now a valuable item used to line nostrils against the stench of bodies. someone who returns explains what young people are going through. >> people lost their mothers,
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fathers. they can't even worry about that. they have to worry about how they are going to survive the next day. how they are going to eat, how they are going to sleep, where are they going to sleep. girls are getting raped because -- it's just so many things going on all at once. >> reporter: the u.n. world food program says it needs 100 million prepared meals over the next 30 days. they've asked for more government donations to meet the need. in the next half-hour how desperation is turning into violence and looting in haiti. in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. 6:03. such sad stories, they keep coming. we're crazy but functioning, the coast guard, japanese and canadians arrived today. >> these are the words from dr. carol ritter and her husband. they are in haiti now treating the wounded and sending their message to us. sherrie johnson is here with more on the ritters in haiti. >> reporter: good morning. dr. carol ritter is an ob/gyn. after the quake hit last week she and her husband traveled to
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the dominican republic and made their way to a town on the haitian border. they treated hundreds of patients, many with serious life threatening injuries who made the 150-mile trip from port-au-prince. carol started treating patients on saturday. she even helped one mother deliver a healthy baby girl over the weekend. >> to her standards it was -- this was the highest care of medicine that anyone could get. to our standards it was like a home birth. she actually named the baby after me. i've never had one of my patients in the states of 75 years name a baby after me. >> reporter: follow both ritter and her husband as they work to treat the haitians in need. we have a link to their blog on our web site at in the studio, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. some surprise visitors were at the american red cross a few blocks down from the white house. president barack obama and first lady michelle stopped in to thank the workers for their efforts and also tour the disaster operations center.
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>> u.s. search and rescue team today, i know 10 people alive out of the rubble. that's the single biggest rescue post-earthquake in one day that people have ever seen. >> the president said that part of the team was from fairfax, virginia. mr. obama said he -- his first tweet while at the american red cross after leaving the station where workers monitored twitter messages and the president tweeted that i and the first lady were visiting. there's a telethon we've set up in conjunction with both scripps, our parent company, and the american red cross. it will be held today from 4:00 to 8:00, our phones will be staffed by volunteers from the american red cross. you don't have to wait until then. we have set up a complete haiti earthquake web page where you can get the latest information as well as details on how you can help.
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it's all at 6:05. four women, one as old as 95 were the victims of a home invasion in harford county. happened sunday night in the village of lakeview apartments in edgewood. one res doesn't heard a knock at the door. a man said it's junior. two suspects came in, one showing a gun and demanding a resident go to the back room. the other suspect kept eyes on the visitors. >> i'm thinking about my grandmother. that's really sad that they arrived for like drugs and stuff. >> she says the men left with purses, cash, bank cards, a cell phone and prescription medication. we have an important recall to tell you about at 6:06 this morning. nearly one million pounds of beef being pulled off store shelves. the california based huntington meat packing company says some 864,000 pounds of beef products may be contaminated with e. coli. all the recalled products were produced in january 5th and
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15th. so the recalled products include a beef burrito filling mix, imperial meat company ground beef patty and for a complete list of the affected products you're urged to call now at 1-888-mp-hotline or visit that web site on your screen or this one, www.fsis. chrysler is also issuing a recall. 24,000 of its leading brands including the chrysler, dodge and jeep vehicles are being recalled to repair a defective part that could cause sudden brake failure. chrysler says it's not aware of accidents due to the defective brakes. the recall effects 2010 model chrysler sebrings, dodge avenger sedans, dodge nitroand jeep liberty suv's along with commander and cherokee suv's and 2009/2010 model ram trucks.
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6:07. widespread frost this morning. frost because the ground is wet from the weekend storm and because temperatures are currently at 30 degrees. otherwise we're rather uneventful today. just clouds and another mild day. coming up we've got a tornado, we've got wintry weather with ice and snow and today's birthdays. stick around. there's lots more straight ahead. 6:08. let's check the roads with kim. >> we only have one accident working so far this morning. that is going to be not far past this scene on the outer loop at the baltimore national pike blocking the left lane. around the area we have a handful of road hazards. i'll get you updated when we come back. back to you. that time of year. people come to your office with that sniffle. >> that's right. new research gets us one step closer to the cure for the common cold. >> and the warnings are all over cigarette packages. now a push to make warnings required on a popular cancer-causing device. >> also ahead this morning -- cries of we want cocoa could be head in the streets of nbc
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studios in california. the late-night drama continues and conan could be leaving with a very hefty severance check. some people don't notice the difference
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are you kidding me? you've seen that in the newsroom? who did that? who does that? >> i'm not going to tell you. you've seen it before. >> tall, curly hair? >> you know who i'm talking about. >> the effort to stop you from sneezing and ?iferlg at work. >> researchers mapped the entire gene system for the common cold. >> reporter: the human rhinovirus better known as the common cold. for decades scientists tried to find a cure for the illness that affects billions worldwide every year. the problem is complex made up of over 100 different viral strains, the cold can cause different symptoms in different people. last year researchers from the university of maryland and the university of wisconsin madison said they had taken the first step in treating the rhinovirus by mapping its entire genome.
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a year later the same scientists found interesting things about the different strains. >> we continue to see new viruses that appear to come from two viruses. so a person can become co-infected with two viruses and they exchange their genetic material and a third unique virus is formed. >> reporter: they've also developed a cheaper diagnostic test for the virus. this is good news for asthmatics or people who suffer from copd or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, to whom colds can be life threatening. >> 50% of the exacerbations in patients that have the two diseases are due to a rhinovirus infection. >> reporter: research will continue to find out how to treat as many versions of the virus as possible. you're probably aware that tanning is not very good for you but the food and drug administration wants to make it even more clear. they want to toughen up the rules for tanning beds. right now the beds are
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categorized as what they call class one. for an example of how minor that is, they share the same category as things like bandages. the fda is now considering raising that classification as research suggests that tanning beds significantly increase one's risk for skin cancer. if it happens tanning beds will have large warning labels similar to the ones you see on packs of cigarettes. 6:14 now. >> let's look at the weather. here's justin berk. he's got a plethora of weather. start the clock, two minutes, we're going to cover everything here. first, fresno, california, a tornado warning there yesterday. it appears as if that one may have touched down with this amateur video. this was taken by storm chaser steve johnson who lives in that area. so somewhere in that rain shaft there may have actually been a tornado, minor tornado touchdown.
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i was just reading report about the warning that was posted there yesterday afternoon. an el nino-charged storm pattern, storms could bring five to 10 inches of rain to coastal california. yes, from san francisco down to san diego, so they are going to have big problems with mudslides on some of the areas that had to deal with fires last summer. that's california. here's baltimore. 30 degrees now. we've got frost, some patchy fog and then up to the north we've got some snow. there's the winter side of things. 28 buffalo, freezing albany and in boston. they had snow on the back side of that storm yesterday. another batch of light snow moving out of central new york to vermont this morning. it heads eastbound. we focus on massachusetts because of the big election day. rain showers there now. it appears as if weather may play a role as we have snow on the docket on the order of anywhere from a dusting to three inches up in the mountains of western massachusetts. so nothing too unusual for
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them but an election day, january, it could be a weather story along with the political story. we're looking further down to the south, showers showing up on the radar of southern pennsylvania down through the mountains of virginia. a lot of this stuff not reaching ground, more of a cloud issue we've got pushing across the area this morning. a sign of a shift of the winds, we'll begin to cool down once that northern system passes by. it turns colder tonight and tomorrow. we could have moisture in the form of light snow in southern maryland thursday morning. that is where we stop the timeline on the adonis model but watch the southern system. this has a lot of rain. the one that is hitting california now could actually reach us with some ice, freezing rain and sleet coming in on thursday evening for us. then ending with snow possibly on friday. that is the end of our week. right now we've got one more day coming up with mild temperatures, variable clouds, 5 2 -- 52, still above normal. 32 tonight. closer to reality as we head through tomorrow with variable clouds and high back to 44. time to celebrate birthdays
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on this 19th of january. i covered everything in two minutes. i think i still have time left. today's birthdays include singer dolly parton turning 64. she looks like she did 30 years ago. and shawn johnson turning 18, our little girl growing up. how about that? jamie's favorite comedian frank caliendo celebrating his 36th birthday today. >> he's young. >> if you know someone celebrating a birthday, send information to us including date of birth, name, age if you would like us to announce it on the air and where they are from. we would like to share it with everybody in maryland. for a check of the roads, i think i've covered everything but traffic. >> we have an earlier accident on the outer loop approaching the baltimore national pike. that has what brought traffic to a crawl here on the outer loop. these delays begin before liberty road headed down towards route 730. if you have to go that way give
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yourself a few extra minutes. 70. traffic also heavy 95 southbound between whitemarsh boulevard and 695 and heavy between mount carmel road on the southbound lanes. harrisburg expressway approaching the top side of 695. northbound york road at bosley avenue, you'll still see the right two lanes taken away because of a broken watermain break. the crews are trying to repair that. and we have fog warnings in effect at the hatem bridge in harford. here at mlk and fayette traffic is running smoothly at this time. back to you. never saw this when jack paar gave the ring to johnny carson. in california, nearly a thousand conan fans rallied to show their support for the show host. conan did fire up the crowd running through the group and stood above them cheering them on even more.
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the deal is expected to be reached as soon as today. conan could be walking away with $30 million severance check. we went inside of the belly of the beast. >> an emotional wyclef jean is firing back at critics who accuse him of profiting from his haitian charitable organization. speaking at a press conference wiping back the tears he denied anything improper. though he did concede there was some organizational mistakes made in the past. he added the 12-year-old charity has made a positive impact in his home country of haiti. 6:19. coming up next, he was just trying to help somebody out, whose money ran out in the parking meter. >> but ended up in jail. the bizarre fight he had with a meter maid. >> plus, we have a jumper. or maybe not. what? why this billboard is causing people to dial 911. first, business news with
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abc. >> good morning. we begin your "moneyscope report" with a sweet deal for kraft foods. kraft is buying british candymaker cadbury for about $19 billion. the deal ends a four-month takeover battle and extends kraft reach. the combined companies have more than $50 billion in revenues and strong presence around the world. the man who introduced mexican cuisine to main stream america died. glen bell founded taco bell. he started by selling tacos from his hamburger stand in 1951. after opening several other mexican restaurants the first taco bell opened in california in 1962. the chain has grown to more than 5,600 locations. glen bell was 86 years old. wall street goes back to work today after the long holiday weekend. investors will be focusing on earnings this week with dozens of top companies issuing their latest status reports. among the ones to watch, ibm, starbuck's, google, general electric and mcdonald's.
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we'll also hear from several of the big wall street banks. they report earnings and bonuses. you can add american to the list of airlines raising baggage fees. it's hiking its charge for checked bags by $5 for tickets bought after february 1st. the first checked bag will now cost $25. the second will be $35. most major carriers have raised prices in recent weeks. on a report, it finds men get a bigger financial boost from marriage than women. that's a big shift horkally. helped by the rapid growth of working wives over 40 years. one way to measure this, household income. between 1970 and 2007 it rose 67% for married men but only 16% for unmarried men. coming up on "good morning america" -- three new ways to make money without leaving your home. that's on gma and that's your "moneyscope report." i'm vinita nair.
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6:24. decent day after we deal with frost this morning, cold temperatures in the low 30s. 52 this afternoon under a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy sky. tomorrow 44. then sliding back into the 30s. i know this looks different than yesterday, sped up that next storm and looks like by thursday evening we could be dealing with sleet and freezing rain. that could carry us through friday. this could be one of these icy wintry storms ending with snow. something to pay attention to and again the time frame would be thursday evening through at least midday on friday. let's check the roads with kim.
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6:24. >> that earlier crash on the outer loop between route 70 and the baltimore national pike continues to block the left lane and shoulder. traffic is going to be stop-and-go from about 795, tacking an extra 10 minutes to the commute. we have fire activity reported in baltimore city, st. benedict street at millington avenue, expect equipment on the scene there. and fog warnings still in effect at the hatem bridge. no problems here on the jfx southbound at cold spring lane. back to you. a parking meter controversy in eugene, oregon, created quite an uproar. it began when one man's act of kindness led to a confrontation with a meter maid. ben bonds put a quarter in an expired meter, wasn't his. he was approached by the meter maid who said she planned to give that person a ticket anyway. >> i don't think you're a crappy person but what you did i think was a crappy ordeal. >> i had a pocket full of change and decided no one else needs a ticket on the street so i'll go ahead and change
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everybody up. >> the meter maid stopped ticketing people, paused for a second, called police. bonds was arrested and charged with harassment and obstruction of the government administration. unbelievable. trying to do something nice. >> eugene, oregon. >> wouldn't you like it if someone stuffed change in your meter when it expired we'll talk more about the relief effort in haiti. >> and new video. >> walls crumbling, kids screaming, panic setting in. i'm linda so, an inside look at what happened that day and why relief efforts are being hampered.
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the air force restored to an airdrop in haiti. they resorted to this to help in relief efforts. they are getting water, food dropped to port-au-prince. americans have been reluctant to use this because of their fear of driving unruly crowds. >> the latest poll shows the republicans could take kennedy's seat in the senate. what this will do to the health care bill. >> look out, he's going to fall! no fear, it's a mannequin but it has drivers reacting in the same way. that is a kind of a problem. we'll tell but that and all the news stories of the day on this tuesday morning. >> i couldn't -- what was the ad for? >> you'll have to wait. it's called a tease. >> ok. thank you for joining us. i'


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